I Really Do Love You

The most UNIQUE way to SHOW someone you love them.

No matter who it is, whether it is your best friend, your relationship, your parents, grandparents or others, whether it is an event such as mother’s day, graduation, weddings, birthdays or other special events, starting now, from your computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet, you can now give a gift that not only will that person absolutely love, but I can almost guarantee, you will be the FIRST one in their entire life to give them a special gift like this. 

What is this gift? The gift you will give the one you love is what I call a Celebration Page. This Celebration Page will be a tribute and a celebration of what that person means to you and the love you have for them. As you are about to see what this looks like, I want you, when you get there to imagine that page filled with the pictures of your loved one and YOUR words describing them, how they make you feel and why you love them so much. After you finish looking at that page, come back to this page and finish reading below. To see this example page, please click on the link below.

Now that you have seen the example page, imagine the joy and happiness when that person sees a page similar to that but with their own pictures and memories and also words from you that shows how much they are loved and appreciated by you.  This will be a gift that they will forever remember for the rest of their lives and they will always remember that YOU were the first person in their life that ever gave them something special like this.


(1) The person will receive a page like the example page. The difference will be, it will be their pictures on the page as well as the words you use to describe them.
(2) The person will be able to have up to 120 pictures.
(3) The page will stay up for 4 months.
(4) You can say all that you want to say about that person.
(5) You will get a link to their page like www.IReallyDoLoveYou.com/TheNameOfThePerson That link can be given to anyone that wants to see the celebration page.

The price for this UNIQUE gift is only $29.99 if you want it stay up for 4 months or $39.99 if you want your page to stay up for 1 year. After you make your payment, I then need for you to send me the pictures you want me to use to my email at: CelebrationPage@gmail.com  Also I need for you to send me the words you want me to put on the page.  If you have any questions, you can me at 1-800-503-5604 (9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST.) or email me at: CelebrationPage@gmail.com  To place your order, please click on either add to cart button below.

$29.99 – 4 months

$39.99 – 1 year

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